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Special Rigger License in NYC

Contractors need a special rigger license to contract for any construction project that includes hoisting materials and equipment weighing up to 2,000 pounds. Getting a special rigger license requires qualifications and only given to the contractors who are licensed and no complaint history.

If your property’s roofing construction requirements fall under the construction category that needs a special rigger license, the Keystone roofing contractors and waterproofing NYC has attained the special rigger license.

Scaffolding Installations

Most of the masonry and construction projects require scaffolding installations to assist the exterior construction. To use the scaffolding installation during construction, the contractor needs a special rigger license. The Keystone roofing contractors and waterproofing has attained the special rigger license (scaffolding license NYC) to offer all kinds of construction services under one roof for your home.

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