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Window Lintels & Window Sills in NYC

Window lintels are a crucial part of a building structure to help transfer the load off above the wall to the sides of window opening rather than the window frame. You can find plenty of video DIY tutorials but getting the job done right needs professional help. Whether you are planning the installation of window lentils to your new old property, Keystone roofing constructors and waterproofing NYC can handle the job like no others in the city.

Our team of professional contractors are trained and experienced to perform the job to standards. Our service also includes the inspection, consultation, removal, replacement, and installation of window sills.

Regardless of the quality of windows sills, they can be weakened due to continuous exposure to the sun, weather and rain. The rain moisture along with other environmental factors can damage the window sills. Keystone roofing constructors and waterproofing not only offer the installation of new window sills and lentils but also the maintenance and repair services of existing ones.

Window Lintels Window Sills NYC

What is Window Lentil?

Window lentils are the part of the building structure that shifts the load of the upper wall to the both side of the window opening. It plays an important role in sturdiness of a building structure. A damaged or improperly installed window lentil can cause a major issue in the building structure. If you need any help in maintenance or installations, you can completely rely on professionals at Keystone roofing constructors and waterproofing.

In case you just require the repair services for an old building’s window lentils to make sure they remain in best condition, contact our team for best services in the area. We are the most trusted and well reputed team of professionals ready to help you solve your property maintenance and repairing problems.

Window Sills Repairing Service

The windows sills are important to drive away the rain water. The passage of time and certain environmental factors can be worn out the window sills. The Keystone roofing constructors and waterproofing ensure the guaranteed repair services across New York City. You can totally rely on our team of professionals to get the job done right. Our service includes the free inspection and consultation to discuss with you the best possible options.

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