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Roof Replacement New York City

Roof Replacement New York City

Every roof has a life span that can be extended with the due number of inspections and maintenance. But even with the regular maintenance and inspection, your roofing cannot last forever and will eventually need to get replaced.

The roof replacement is a great investment and takes a considerable amount of time. The monetary and time investment makes it important to get it done right. To make sure that the new roofing is properly installed, it is important to choose the replacement services as wisely as the roofing material.

The Keystone roofing contractors and waterproofing NYC holds the years of expertise and all necessary qualifications to do the roofing replacement job right. Our team of dependable, trustworthy professionals make the critical job of your home roofing replacement a perfection. Our all-roofing contractors are licensed, certified, professionally trained and broadly experienced in their field.

The Roofing Material Choices

We offer the following choice of roofing materials for the replacements.

Asphalt shingles

Flat roofing

Rubberized roofing

4 ply roofing

Sheet metal


Hot roofs

Cold roofs

EPDM roofing

TPO roofing

Pitch is the main consideration in choosing the roof type. The pitch is the angle of roof slope; a higher pitch means the steeper angle of slope while the lower pitch means the flatter roof with less steep. The higher pitch roofs are effective for shedding water. But with a roof with lower pitch will need help in proper water shedding.


We work with the best of roofing contractors who are exceptionally trained and certified. Our professionals conduct a thorough inspection to give you the best of roofing service advice.