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Green Roofs in New York City

Green Roofs in New York City

Green Roof New York City, is the first company in New York City specialized in designing and installing green roofs. With the pace at which our climate is changing it is our responsibility to do our best to reverse its dramatic effects. With our eco-friendly craftsmanship we have redefined the skylines in New York City.

Over the past twenty years we have designed some of the most iconic green roofs throughout New York City for both residential and commercial clients. We use the most modern techniques available to install your green roof, make your building a more live able and sustainable one.

New York City Green roof initiative was first taken up by us and since then we have built a team of highly qualified professionals, environment specialists, engineers and consultants to take our New York City Green roof initiative forward. Hence, we are very proud to affirm you that as of today we are the most sought for contractor in whole of New York City, with over thousands of ongoing green roof installation projects.

When planning for building with a green roof in New York City make sure you choose the right contractor. A building needs to be examined properly by a structural engineer to determine whether the building has the capacity to support the weight of a green roof system at its top or not. Most of the contractors do not have the professional capacity to execute such examinations.

With Green Roof people associate high costs and rightly so, however we offer you the most cost effective packages.

Our Green roofing packages include:

  •  Creating a cost budget for you
  • Establishing design and overall goals of the project with you
  • Site inspection by our highly qualified team
  • Offering you the best green roofing within your budget

Moreover, if you get your green roof installed from Green Roof New York City we offer you a life time free of cost maintenance plan. Maintenance of a green roof is very essential to its longevity. It needs to be watered and nourished regularly. During its early years a green roof needs the best maintenance and care possible. We will be your maintenance partners for life.


Project tenure varies for commercial and residential clients. Commercial projects take more time as compared to residential projects because of greater roof sizes. 


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New York City has many of the world’s highest skyscrapers and buildings and is so lively. We as New Yorkers have a responsibility towards the environment. Green roof New York City would love to have the opportunity to serve you. We have built a strong team over the years that has the capability to deal with complex projects. Contact us at our given landline numbers right now we will be at your doorstep right now. Let’s play our role in making our environment lively for ourselves. Green Roof New York City, partnership for life.