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Looking for a Brick Pointing Contractor in New York City? Since almost the past 30 years we have been proudly serving our customers. Whether these are residential clients or commercial clients we have been delivering them the best services possible. Our craftsmanship and hard work reflects in our work and client’s satisfaction.

We value quality over time. We trust and workmanship and guarantee that our work will last a lifetime. Even after work is completed and handed over to you our free customer service is available for you even if a slightest glitch or crack appears.

New York Brick grinding and Pointing Process

Our team of highly experienced professionals can grind, point, and replace your bricks to give it a new and fresh look. Both grinding and pointing are very delicate and technical processes which require utmost dedication. Our highly qualified inspection team will locate even the smallest of wet spots or cracks in your roof. Once inspection is completed, our state of the art Brick grinding and pointing process guarantees complete satisfaction and longevity of work for decades to come if not a lifetime.

Tuck Pointing Brick Repair

Not matter how strong the structure is over the years wear and tear does effect the brickwork in the form of cracks, leaks or chips. At some point in time you may feel the need to have it repaired. Through tuck Pointing and brick repair, we will make it as look as new by fixing your brick surfaces and structures.

The most important and technical aspect of repointing brick work and tuck pointing brick repair are the old mortar joints (especially those that have deteriorated over the years) from long exposure. These mortar joints need to be inspected carefully. If the contractor is inexperienced these mortar joints will definitely go unnoticed thus the problem will persist.

Mortar joints, most of the cracks or leaks are found in these joints. Even minute cracks in the mortar joints can seriously damage the whole structure. When tuck pointing these motor joints need to carved and chiseled out before applying fresh mix. The level of moisture should be monitored continuously while applying fresh mix.

To ensure that the fresh mix preserves the mortar joints for years to come it should be prepared using the highest quality materials and applied carefully along the depth of the joint. This is because bricks do last a lifetime but these mortar joints deteriorate quickly if not tucked properly.

Searching for Brick Pointing Contractors near me?

This craftsman ship requires experience which one gathers over the years. Go for none other than Brick Pointing New York City. You can definitely count on us to get the complex job done efficiently and on time. Our Customer service personnel are available all around the clock ready to serve you with a team of highly qualified professionals and work team. Get in touch with us right now and our Inspection team will be at your doorstep soon.  

Brick Pointing in New York City

Our professional Team

Keystone roofing contractors and waterproofing works have a team of licensed contractors, who are fully trained and extensively experienced. Only we can guarantee you the highest quality service to your complete satisfaction. We understand the value of your residential and commercial property and devise our brick service to only increase it. Our dedicated professional will work with you to ensure the best quality workmanship and complete everything to your satisfaction.

Our Brick pointing service process

Our professional carried out the whole brick pointing service step by step. Our brick pointing services start with conducting a thorough inspection of the sealant. Based on the inspection results, we proceed with the decision of removing or keeping the existing mortar. When replacing it, we make sure that the new sealant is exactly the same in quality, color, and texture.

The existing sealant is completely removed to the point where the sound mortar is found. A special care is taken while removing the damaged parts. The mortar may be removed with hand or using a grinder or blade with special care to avoid any damage to other masonry parts.

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