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Fire Escape in New York City

As the say, a fire escape should last as long as a building does. We at New York City Fire Escape make this happen. Our state of the art equipment and dedicated professionals will ensure your safety. Our qualified engineers carefully inspect every part of your building as fire escapes are an integral part of the residents’ safety and emergency plan.

Why choose us as your Fire Escape Contractors in New York City?

We feel delighted to you inform you that we service the entire New York City. We first obtained our license around twenty years ago, to execute any form of fire escape work. Most of the other fire escape contractors hire third parties to do you work.

Whereas, contrary to other fire escape contractors in New York City we have built our own team of qualified engineers, work staff, and technicians. To ensure enhanced safety we do all our work either by bolting or re-bolting. We have no welding policy either for installation or repair of fire escapes as you can’t trust welding. We interact and work with you at a personal level. Our Clients satisfaction is our only priority and scale for success.

Some of the notable services that we provide as fire escape contractors in New York City are as follows:

Fire Escape Maintenance in New York City

Fire escapes need constant maintenance as they are directly associated with the safety of the residents and an emergency can rise at any time. If you get your fire escapes installed from New York City Fire Escape we will provide free maintenance for a lifetime.

Our quality assurance team will inspect your fire escapes on a monthly basis and provide you a health report. We hope you never may have to use it, but is should remain perfectly available for use at all times.

Fire Escape Painting in New York City

Over the passage of time fire escapes will definitely go wear and tear or develop rusts. We offer you the finest and most reliable painting services in New York City. We use state of the art industrial paint to paint your fire escapes. With each coating of our paint your fire escapes will develop a new look and give your building a great visual effect too.

Moreover, we provide high quality Fire escape repair services in New York City too. Our inspection team will be at your doorstep on an hour notice and immediately evaluate the root cause of the damage and repair your fire escape.

Our network has spread all over New York City so visit our office right now. We have affordable plans for each of our service. Be it Installation of fire escapes or repair and maintenance of fire escapes we have the most economical plans to choose from. New York City fire escape would love to have the opportunity to serve you and be your proud contractor for a lifetime. 

Fire Escape in New York City

Guaranteed Service

The safety value of a fire escape for homes and commercial property makes it the crucial part of your residential or commercial building. A small negligence in construction or maintenance can lead to serious safety crises. The professional contractors at Keystone roofing contractors and waterproofing NYC are exceptionally trained and rightly equipped to provide you the service up to standards, local codes, and laws.

The importance of this job calls for professional services with no compromise on quality. The Keystone roofing contractors and waterproofing NYC are the best to deliver you the best workmanship in the area. Whether you require commercial fire escape stairs or fire escape repair of your residential property, just contact us.

Fire Escape Construction and Installation

If you are planning to install a new fire escape in your residential or commercial property, the team of dedicated professionals at Keystone roofing constructions and waterproofing NYC offer the best installation and construction services in the area. Our certified professionals ensure that the job is done up to the standards and your satisfaction. We also offer the customization of design to make this necessity an aesthetic addition to your property.

As a part of service, we offer free site inspection and consultation to help you decide what exactly would be the best choice for your building’s particular functional and aesthetic requirements.

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