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Waterproofing Services in New York City

Waterproofing is important to prevent water leakage and wet spots in your commercial and residential property. The waterproofing services may look simple but need professional help to avoid damages and complications. The waterproofing done without professional help can leave you with the financial loss with no functional benefits.

The Keystone roofing contractors and waterproofing NYC are specialized in providing premium basement waterproofing services. We are the most trusted and well-reputed constructor for this job in New York City and the surrounding area. You can rely on our team of experts for guaranteed protection against moist and water leakage.

We only hire the certified and licensed waterproofing contractors with the right qualification and experience in the field. You can contact us for guaranteed protection of your residential or commercial property against water leakage and moisture building.

Waterproofing Services in New York City

Basement Waterproofing Services

The houses and commercial buildings with basements need the reliable waterproofing services most to prevent any damage due to water leakage and wet spots. You need to keep your building prepared for extreme weather calamities like floods.

Improper waterproofing can lead to serious safety problems. An adequately waterproofed basement is a necessity to avoid water damages due to drainage, rain and flooding. The Keystone roofing constructors and waterproofing NYC are experts in providing maintenance and new waterproofing services across the city. A professional waterproofing can protect the damp basement from mold, mildew and fungal growth. A well maintained and waterproofed basement can protect your home against following threats:

Structural damages due to seeping water

The waterproofing saves your building from moisture that can cause structural damages and degradation of the whole property. A professionally done waterproofing protects your building from such damages.

Property Damage

The moisture can lead to the loss of important documents, photos and other priceless items. The waterproofing is crucial to avoid such damages and losses.


The seeping water and wet spots can result in growth of mold, mildew, fungus, insect infestations. Mold growth can cause serious illness and respiratory problems among the people living in the house.


The absence of waterproofing can also lead to the improper sloping in preventing water damages problems. A periodic upgrading and waterproofing is important to take care of grading and slope.

Natural disasters

A well maintained and waterproofed basement can minimize the chance and severity of damages due to natural disasters.

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