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Parapet Walls in NYC

The defensive ability of parapet walls is utilized in modern roofing, especially in flat roofs to make them as safe as possible. The guard rails make them nonslippery to keep anyone safe against accidental falling off the roof. They are also a good choice to limit the accidental fire spread. Besides all these safety benefits, parapet walls are best to add a vintage look to your commercial or residential property architecture.

The prevalent construction of flat roofs in New York City has made the parapet walls much common. If you are planning to have a parapet wall for your property or just need some upgrading, maintenance, or repair service, just contact Keystone roofing constructors and waterproofing NYC. We hire professional contractors with the right qualification and certification to ensure that your parapet walls are built and maintained to meet the compliance codes.

Parapet Walls in NYC

Why have Parapet walls?

The safety and aesthetic benefit of parapet walls are the reason behind making it the preferred choice for flat roofs in New York City. Following are some of the top benefits a parapet wall can add to your property.

Fire Protection

As the parapet walls are constructed above the roof plane, making them perfect for preventing the spread of upward flame spread. It also prevents the spreading of fire to the nearby buildings. This is the reason behind making the parapet walls part of the code of compliance in many cities.

Adds wind uplift resistance

The winds and environmental calamities can cause significant damage to your property roofing. The risk of such damages just increases at the high altitudes due to the strong winds. The parapet walls are best to significantly increase the wind resistance of your roofing minimizing the chances of damages.

Regular maintenance and repairs are important to keep the wind resistance of parapet walls up to maximum. To ensure the proper maintenance and repairs always contact the extraordinary team of professionals at Keystone roofing constructors and waterproofing NYC.

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