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Hot Roofs in New York City

Hot Roofs in New York City

Hot roofs are one of the most popular choices for numerous residents while providing a lot of advantages to New York homeowners. Keystone contractor roofing & waterproofing NYC has the knowledge and experience which homeowners are looking for a roofing contractor. As a roofing expert, we can guarantee your agreement with a hot roof installation and advancement. Our roofing experts are the most talented, trained, and experienced in New York City and the surrounding areas. We offer time, efficient services, and consultation to help you explore your roofing choices free of duty whether we are retrofitting your current roofing system, upgrading an older roof, and contributing to new construction. You can depend on the roofing professionals at keystone roofing contractors & waterproofing NYC for any hot roof services.

Hot Roof Advantages

There are a lot of advantages that make hot roofs a popular choice among New York City residences:

A hot roof extends your home’s thermal wrapper to contain your roof space which is vital in protecting ductwork, water pipes, and other systems that run through your roof space.

Keeping your roof space warm will lower the energy costs of your HAVAC system by decreasing the amount of work it helps to keep your home warm.

Any pipes which run through your roof space may freeze in stimulating cold while hot roofs can avoid this form occurring.

Insulating your roof space also increases the comfort of your home such as temperature and pressure fluctuation in the roof space can cause unwanted airflow through the rest of your home.

Hot roofs make your roof space more civilized and convert it into a bedroom or conditioned storage room.

Hot Roofing Conversion

The roofing professionals at keystone roofing & waterproofing NYC can help you to convert any roof into a hot roof. The process of hot roofing is simple one. It would not require more than any conventional roofing installation process barring one difference while creating a hot roof the underside of your roofing is sprayed with foam insulation. The foam insulation is more powerful than the naturally used fiberglass insulation.

Our Roofing Contractors Offer the Following Hot Roofing Services

Hot roof retrofitting

Hot roof installation

Spray foam insulation

Roof space insulation